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Email calling for YOUR support to Diamond Cab's crowdfunding!

Having launched for 5 years, Diamond Cab is honored to receive its forth global award - Chivas The Venture as the Hong Kong Finalist, one of the 16 Global Finalists.

Chivas The Venture

Being selected as one of the Global Finalists, we are going to participate in the global fundraising in both the websites of The and Our campaign theme is "Polish the Diamond for Aging Hong Kong: Expansion, Replacement and Maintenance of Diamond Cab". We NEED YOUR SUPPORT by either donating or spreading the word on this global crowdfunding so that we can reach at least 30% of our first target US$33,000 (HK$257,400). The campaign will start on 11 May to 14 June. WE NEED US$9,900 (HK$77,220) on or before 11 May, so that we can further push the momentum! For those donating US$800 or above, you will have perks in return.

Now we are collecting your emails or referred emails which we can reach to follow up. Please JOIN US by SHARING WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESSes, and then we will send the webpage for crowd funding as soon as it launches on 11 May:

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your initial support, let's proudly bring Diamond Cab to Silicon Valley later in mid-July after the crowdfunding campaign where we will compete for the Final Prize!

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Diamond Cab (HK) Limited is a brand new social venture catering to the needs of wheelchair users for point-to-point transportation. Learn more

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