Booking hotline 2760 8771 operates 24/7! Ready to make your reservation!

Emergency Notice (Updated on 3 February 2021 at 8:00 p.m.)

Due to issues with our booking system, the following booking arrangement is adopted effective immediately:

1. Only bookings within the next two weeks could be accepted

2. Passenger who had successfully booked Diamond Cab are free to call our hotline (2760 8771) for confirmation 24-hour prior to boarding

3. We will continue to operate our 24-hour booking hotline and try our best to remind those passengers who are boarding tomorrow

Thank you for your understanding!

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Diamond Cab (HK) Limited is a brand new social venture catering to the needs of wheelchair users for point-to-point transportation. Learn more

Booking Diamond Cab

Diamond Cab runs 24 hours a day but advance booking is preferred in order for us to best arrange our services.
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Diamond Leisure

"Diamond Leisure" takes wheelchair-bound elders to join different barrier-free activities, create and sustain the culture of happy aging. Learn more