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Diamond Sedan Competition 2016

Diamond Sedan Competition @ Stanley Plaza

Diamond Sedan Competition 2016 - Let’s Register Online NOW!

Diamond Sedan Competition 2016

Joining Diamond Sedan is not only aim for keeping fit or team building, but also improving sports opportunities with the wheelchair-bound friends!

Diamond Sedan Competition 2016 will be held on 27 November at Stanley. Diamond Cab (HK) Ltd. organized this sports event aimed at extending its mission, promoting barrier-free facilities and services to the public and improving social integration with physically disadvantaged.

In the Diamond Sedan Competition, six to ten runners and their sedan passengers will form a team. The runners will carry the Diamond Sedan to create the extraordinary sports experience for the sedan passengers, who are the disabled youths with restrictions in body movement. This allows the sedan passengers to enjoy the excitement of the race and break the boundaries of their wheelchairs.

Team spirit and speed racing are the keys to winning the Diamond Sedan Competition; while the set up of the Best Costume Award is to encourage each team to be creative in their costume and show the unique characteristics of their team. The participants of the Diamond Sedan Competition 2016 have the opportunity to gain the attractive prize and enjoy the joyful atmosphere in this disability inclusive sports game.

If you are interested in taking up the challenge of carrying Diamond Sedan, please fill in the form below, which divided into two registration groups, the corporate team, and the open team. Let’s create the unforgettable and meaningful experience with your Diamond Sedan Team members, and feel the joy of this interesting inclusive race!

Competition Date and Time:

Date and Time: 27 Nov (Sunday)    1 pm (Ceremony)  2 pm (Race Starts)
Venue: Stanley Plaza and Stanley Main Street
Length of assigned running track: about 200m

Briefing and Training:
Date: Tuesday, 22 November 2016
Time: 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
Venue: PCCW Recreation Club, 108 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay

Team Number: 6 – 10 Persons (Feel free to invite your own wheelchair-bound passenger)

Corporate Team
Registration Fee for Each Team: HK $35,000 (including the advertising on Diamond Sedan)
Registration Deadline: 1 Nov 2016 (Tue)

Open Team
Registration Fee for Each team:: HK $5,000 (No advertising on Diamond Sedan)
Registration Deadline: 1 Nov 2016 (Tue)

Champion: Entry Tickets of Disneyland Hong Kong (One for Each Member)
First Runner-Up: Black Diamond Headlamps by ProTrek (One for Each Member)
Second Runner-Up: Entry Tickets of Hong Kong Ocean Park (One for Each Member)
Best Costume: Smart Bluetooth Light Bulb by SIGNEO Design (One for Each Member)

Let’s Get Involved in the Diamond Sedans Competition and Run Together!!

Rules & Regulations

Team Declaration Form


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Diamond Cab barrier-free taxi service has successfully finished over 103,000 wheelchair user orders in the past three and more year. In 2012, we further promoted the slogan “Brilliant Life with Diamond Cab” by organizing innovative touring events for wheelchair users.

Sedan Chair is the popular transportation means in 50s-70s in Hong Kong but it was replaced by vehicles which carry passengers with engines instead of manual power.

"Diamond Sedan" revitalizes the old Sedan Chair with trendy and cool design labeled as "One Person Taxi for Wheelchair User" which can also carry wheelchair users by manual power with safety in high standard. Diamond Sedan is dedicated to serve the wheelchair users in areas not accessible for wheelchairs and improve their social life in Hong Kong.

Diamond Sedan

Diamond Sedan Competition is the ever first innovative event to promote ultimate barrier-free experience with Diamond Cab. By organizing this competition with great fun, the social need of wheelchair users and barrier-free culture will further be fertilized to make significant and positive impact for rapidly ageing Hong Kong.